Het knopen van draden voor weefgetouwHOLIFE (House of Liberation for empowerment) werkt samen met plattelandsvrouwen en weduwen. Daarnaast motiveert HOLIFE jonge meisjes die soms de basisschool niet af maken en niet aan een vervolgopleiding kunnen beginnen. HOLIFE biedt hen de kans om een opleiding te volgen zodat ze later in staat zijn voor zichzelf te kunnen zorgen.

Sommige meisjes zijn al op hun zestiende moeder geworden en hebben daardoor nog minder kansen. Door de opleiding krijgen deze meisjes meer zelfvertrouwen en een kans om uit de cirkel van armoede te komen. Daardoor kunnen ze hun kinderen een betere kans bieden op onderwijs en een beter leven. BROMELIA, een vermogensfonds in Nederland, ondersteunt dit project. Hieronder het verslag (in het Engels) en foto's uit Ghana.

House of Liberation for Empowerment (HOLIFE) for eleven years has been working with rural women, widows, dropout girls from school and single mothers. These women due to circumstances of either by the death of the husbands, cannot pay their children school fees thus leading to the drop out of their children from school; most especially the girls. Considering the social and economic conditions of these women, they can be described as those with poor living conditions and the most deprived in terms of health, shelter, nutritional standards, gender related problems and education. They have low income levels as compared to their urban women counterparts. Although the project targets the up-liftment of the living standards of rural women, it will as well trigger a trickle-down effect on the families of these women especially the children who are the most vulnerable.
Recently, the dropout rate of young girls’ from secondary school is very alarming. And because of poverty men take advantage of them. We have recent cases were babies are abandoned in public toilets to die because their mothers are unable to raise them up. Some drop out girls run to the cities in such of jobs and they end up on the street.
Capacity building
HOLIFE has a centre that trains women in capacity building.  We hope to give these young girls vocational training in weaving since weaving has gain bigger market in Ghana now. HOLIFE believe if these drop out girls are given some vocational training and build their capacity will build up their economic condition and thereby reducing poverty and saving the lives of innocent babies.
On the 8 th of September 2017 eight young girls were admitted in to HOLIFE Multi-Purpose Centre to under take training for weaving. Two are yet to come, the delay is because they travelled down south in such for job. Their parents have send for them and we hope by the end of September 2017 they will join their mates.
We had one week orientation with the girls. This is to help them get familiar with the centre and also to understand the programme. We have ordered for ten looms and they are still assembling  them. This will take at least one month to get the ten ready.  Apart from this they need to learn how to cut and tie the harnasses and put them on the frame to hang on the loom. This will also take two to three weeks to do that depending on how fast they are. Madam Veronica Sunkari a trained teacher on weaving is taking them through this course.

Pictures showing lessons on rolling, cutting and tying the harness on the frames.

Madam Veronica teaching the girls rolling and cutting harnesses to be tied on the frames Madam Veronica teaching the girls rolling and cutting harnesses to be tied on the frames Girls tying the harnesses Meisjes knopen de draden voor weefgetouw Meisjes knopen de draden voor weefgetouw Meisjes knopen de draden voor weefgetouw Harnesses for tying on the frame Learning how to use the mill Ten reeds for each girl’s loom Ten scissors for each girl Working bowls for ten girls Ten pair of frames for ten girls

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EOF Erkend Goed Doel

EOF Erkend Goed Doel

1 september 2016